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Finding out how secure your systems are is the first thing to do. Learn how to inventorize your cryptography landscape, and discover what’s really happening in your network

QGF will organize workshops that will show you how to start your inventory review, and which threat mitigation method would be most applicable for your organization. Get started by discovering what works for you.

On top of the manual interventions and improvements, QGF provides new technology to complement your inventory and maximise your security status.

Get access to the latest technology to help you protect your organization, like Post Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Random Number Generators, Quantum safe Network Encryptors, Quantum safe key management systems and more.


Different methods are used in designing your future quantum safe landscape. Risk assessments based on long-term threats and short-term actions, inside-out and outside-in approaches, and dependency trajectories are some of the tools and workshops that QGF provides.

Test the latests quantum safe and quantum cryptography technology and get detailled performance insights into what might work for your application(s), through simulation of your application and landscape in QGF’s platform.

Quantum resilience and crypto agility are the foundations of your future landscape. We will help you with designing your landscape, using and implementing the right architecture principles.


Continue your journey to Quantum safe by creating the right approach for your migration project.

There’s no one-size-fits-all. Get connected to security consultants, software experts, applied scientists and your peers to help you protect your organization for any future threats.

Use and implement tools and technology to assist your project, make your migration more effective, and strategically position technology to immediately secure your applications and buy vital time for upgrading or replacing them.

Continuous monitoring is part of your membership proposition, and will make sure that your quantum resilience level is adequate. Always keep track on what's going on in your network, and prevent any unwanted surprises.

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